Dear Ones,

RUDIPETS 2-16Tootie

I am home from a long trip to Brazil. It feels so good to be in my own bed and getting back to a familiar routine with my sweet animals. Even the barn cats Rudy and Tootie were happy to see me.

With Virginia Rebata

With Virginia Rebata

Brazil is going through intense political and economic transformation. Carmen Balhestero, my dear friend of 32 years, hosted me at her spiritual center PAX in Sao Paulo for workshops and private sessions. She even put me on the radio to channel Mother Mary to millions of people. It was quite an  experience needless to say! Carmen is such a bright light in this huge city due to her good work through PAX and I was really honored to join her. The people that I worked with there took my work to another level for sure.

JOG April 2016After Sao Paulo I traveled to the Casa of John of God. Each visit I have there is different and always monumental for myself and everyone that goes with me. I entered spaciousness within myself that continues to bring me peace. The last ten years have been transforming and very challenging. I see that it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new time. We are all ready… right?

It has been such a privilege to work with each and every one of you. I see how brave you are and how much you are growing into your higher selves. It is so satisfying to be a part of the process now for over forty years. Now it is time for Blue Butterfly2Editedme to take a sabbatical. I will not be seeing or speaking to clients beginning January 1, 2017. Outside of what has already been scheduled, I will not be doing any workshops, intensives or speaking engagements until further notice. Believe me, this will be quite an adjustment for me! It is time for me to finish my second book in the Molly Rose Series. Also, I am in the cocoon stages of emerging new ways to share my gifts with the world… lots of inspiration and clarity came at the Casa as it always does.

I really encourage and invite you to join me Aug 28 – Sept 3 for my Celebration of the Elements Retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, Montana. I feel it is important for us to gather together to share our visions and call in the power of the elements. We must do this collectively, as we are in a time of big change! The Mother told me at the start of 2016 that this is a time of new beginnings. Something has to die for something to begin. How does one make the change? The Mother encourages us to celebrate and move this darkness and fear off the planet.

This is a call to arms… LOVING ARMS!! Join the tribe because we need each other and the Celebration of the Elements retreat is a reset button to launch you into the next phase. It will be a peacemaking mystical gathering of high-energy lovers of Mother GaiaEarth who feel they are ready for next step.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people of like mind and intention. Many lifelong friendships have developed at my workshops. There are a number of fun ways to stay at Feathered Pipe Ranch- shared rooms in the cozy lodge, cabins, yurts and even tipis. If you prefer not to share lodging, that option is also available at an additional fee (click  HERE for more info). There are limited internships available at a reduced rate, email joy@laurabushnell.com  if you are interested. Give of your hearts and the earth will hear you. I read this in Shaman Bobby Klein’s I Ching Weekly writing while I was traveling:Celebration is food for the body, mind, and spirit; so pull out all the stops. This is a time of no limitations. It is a time of vast expansion, and you need do nothing other than celebrate in dignity the events, times, and passages of life on earth for the clarity of your way to be revealed. To register for the Celebration of the Elements retreat, go to: http://featheredpipe.com/feathered_retreats/transformational-retreat/.


On another note, June 8 and 10 I will be seeing private clients in Los Angeles. If you wish to see me, please schedule soon by emailing joy@laurabushnell.com. For the rest of this year I have limited availability for Private Sessions. If you wish to book a session before I go into my time of rest and rejuvenation now is the time to set up your appointments!


May your Spring be full of beauty and inner blossoming. I know I am really enjoying the change of seasons here in Montana. The sky is blue, the mountains still have some snow on them and the grass is turning green. It is so vibrant and full of life.


Laura Roses Eyes Closed

Life is blooming and I send you my love and blessings,

Laura Bushnell
(323) 654-9010



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