March Soul Gardening w/Julie Grove

I have known and worked with Laura for over 20 years. She has been instrumental in my path of discovery. In truth, we have shared many lifetimes and have become dear friends in this one. She has helped me become comfortable with my gifts and brave enough to share my perspective. Over the years, we have shared many laughs and a few tears. I am honored to be part of her web site.

Since 1979, I’ve been the owner of a nursery and landscape company. My spiritual journey blossomed through my work in designing gardens. I have an affinity to discern the vibrational qualities of the plants, how they work together and how they affect us.

I live on a small ranch in a high mountain valley with my husband and trusted Bouvier. I have been told that the property has been a place of healing since ancient times and sits within a vortex. I write about what I see and feel from observing Mother Nature in my own back yard. The purpose of Soul Gardening is to give you, the readers, another tool to get through these changing and challenging times. I’m not a guru, I am a gardener.








Dear Ones,

In the heart of winter, I crave the energy of flowers. I lust over the floral displays in the grocery store on my way to the vegetable isle. Bunches of daisies, buckets of roses, the mums and carnations all make me smile. Then on to the  vegetables and fruits, and a lesson in texture and color weaves a palette of pleasure for my eye. To combine a bowl of fruit and vegetables for not only my stomach, but for my eye, becomes the heart of my kitchen during winter. A bowl of lemons, a touch of lime, a bunch of parsley, some red potatoes, an artichoke, all these combine to give my eye something beautiful to rest upon during my day. Simple pleasures but necessary in a world sleeping in winter white.

I melt over a vase of only white flowers. The single tone gives me that calming point of reference. White is a symbol of purity in our culture, purity of thought, of vision, of purpose. White flowers transport me to a point of clarity in a busy day, a restful moment to refresh my eye and my spirit. White peonies, white roses, white alstromeria lilies, combined with wispy bear grass nudges my energy  to move fully within the emotional signature of compassion. Tall white delphinium combined with a base of ferns become a dramatic reminder of the exuberant zest for life. White Siberian iris create a bridge between the world of nature and my daily routine. White tulips and star of Bethlehem grant the promise of spring. The flowers are evidence that there is a garden growing somewhere in the world beyond my door and my imagination. The promise that the world is in balance, even if my daily routine is not always so.

Allow yourself a moment to find some breathing space within your fast paced daily routine. Remember to take a moment of your day to be calm and pure, to be full within the moment. Find that elusive  point of reference to refresh your body and soul. A simple vase full of flowers is a good reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Love to all of you,



Vibrational signature of some common flowers used in floral arrangements:

Plant variety Gender Element Emotion
Rose Balanced Balanced Balanced
Peony Female Earth Forgiveness
Alstromeria lily Male Air Compassion
Delphinium Male Fire Love
Siberian Iris Female Water Forgiveness
Bear grass Male Air Compassion
Fern Female Water Love



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