Soul Gardening with Julie Grove- September

soul natureI have known and worked with Laura for over 20 years. She has been instrumental in my path of discovery. My spiritual journey blossomed through my work in designing gardens. The purpose of Soul Gardening is to give you, the readers, another tool to get through these changing and challenging times. I’m not a guru, I am a gardener.



soul energyDear Ones,

The air is crisp this morning. The beige field grasses hold a frosty layer, like bubbles on champagne. It is the first hint that summer is moving into the deep rhythm of autumn.

The element of Fire has been in the forefront lately, with smoky haze from forest fires and heat filled days in the garden. The element of Fire is one of cleansing- formidable and resolute, demanding that you stand firmly within its energy. Now, with the onset of fall, the energy turns toward Earth, the balance of the season, the Autumnal Equinox.  

High in the mountains the month of September is a gift. The days are still warm and sunny but the nights are cold, welcoming the return of that layer of wool blankets. Not yet cold enough for a fire in the evening or a pot of soup on the stove, but it is that feeling in the air of change, a shift of focus. In the garden, this energy becomes a bold display of color, the last flush of a season of heat. Rudbeckia, Echinacea and the ornamental grasses all become bold statements as the season changes, the first blush of the Maples and Euphorbia against the Aspens still holding green.

I have a favorite Rudbeckia called Herbstsonne, (rudbeckia, laciniata, Herbstsonne). This variety makes a statement in the late summer garden for it stands 72” tall. It is audacious, covered in golden yellow blossoms. The Herbstsonne arrives when the garden is winding down and points ahead toward the fall reds. In the flower world of Echinacea, a new variety named Tomato Soup is a bold orange-red blossom that accents the Rudbeckia and captures your eye across the garden. The soft variegated tones of the Molina, an ornamental grass, anchor the combination. The ornamental grasses add movement into the garden needing only a whisper of wind. The Euphorbia begins its fall display with a few tips of foliage turning red. These brilliant displays of fall colors delight my eye and my soul.

In September, I take the time to wander the garden and notice what worked in the garden this season and what needs to be changed. The energy of fall seems tangible, awakening within me a deep sense of interconnectivity to the Earth. It is that deep breath of knowing, that ahhh…the balance of the Equinox, the sigh before the sleep of winter. This is the time to turn my focus toward the Earth, in gratitude for the life and abundance and beauty that she provides.

Of course, as a gardener, my attention also moves to that space near the curve in the front entry, which would look so much better if only I added another….

With love to all of you,


Plant Variety Gender Element Emotion
Rudbeckia, Herbstsonne Female Air Love
Echinacea, Tomato Soup Female Air Compassion
Molina, Varigata Female Air Compassion
Euphorbia, Polychroma Female Water Forgiveness


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