October Workshop in Sweden

feminine spirit

Signs, Symbols, Sounds and Seasons- The Ways of the Feminine Spirit          

With Laura Bushnell             

Sunday, October 14 2012

1:00 PM

Spaghetti Opera House- Stockholm, Sweden

Price: 1250 SEK



The Earth is our mother and our mother loves us. We must return the favor. How do we do it? We must listen. We must follow the signs, look at the symbols, listen to the sounds and allow our energy to spiral and flow freely. We must learn to use the seasons to enhance our time here on this beautiful planet. We must learn how important beauty is to our own well being. Beauty is everywhere in nature. The universe is interactive. She knows. She listens to us. She feels our footsteps on her body.

I heard a chant several years ago:
Mother I feel you under my feet
Mother I hear your heart beat.
Chant it to the sound of your own heart. It is a prayer that I use quite often during the day.

It is important to understand how to understand the ways in which the feminine spirit is speaking to us. When you open to the feminine, synchronicity begins to happen. Synchronicity is a word made from two Greek terms meaning “joined with” and “time.” Synchronicity is a bond or connection that happens in a timely way. A connection between two things is suddenly communicated. The connection was always present but the awareness of an immediate and meaningful coincidence makes it real. The feminine makes an appearance in your life.  Synchronicity guides us into spirituality. We will create personal symbols to help guide the changes that you want to create.  We will use words and sounds that open up the positive and intuitive side of you and use techniques to move help you  to manifest a loving, healthy, abundant and creative life. I will share wisdom on the seasons and how to utilize their power.

We all must learn how to call in the feminine energies. The feminine is sharing, receptive, surrendering and it knows how to let go. It knows how to adjust. As we move into our own feminine energy we begin to blossom. We become more sensitive, creative, loving and we begin to sing and dance. The energy spirals out of old boxes and thought forms creating new ways of living.

On October 14th I wilFinding our feminine spirit in Stockholm, Swedenl be teaching a workshop in Stockholm, Sweden, both men and women are welcome. We will talk about how to call in the signs and interpret them clearly.

Lao Tzo writes that the mystic female is the ultimate because he feels the nature of existence to more like a woman than like a man. The male energy has corners and the feminine has no corners, circles that spiral up to the heavens and bring the divine to the earth.

The 14th will begin with prayer and introduction. We will be doing meditations and practices to help you remember how to use signs, symbols, seasons and sounds in your daily life to create more harmony and inner peace.

After my 4 hour workshop, we will share a beautiful Vegetarian Meal and then have a two hour concert with Anima (from the UK, an amazing musical duo with 7 albums available on their website www.animacreations.co.uk). They will also back up my meditations with their beautiful music.

This is going to be the feminine energy event of the year!!!

Come join us for a very magical day.

For information or to register, please email eva@heavencoaching.se.


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  1. tshepo says:

    I would like to know more about this, I am from South Africa. When are you going to have another workshop and where? Please let me know.

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