Message from the Divine Mother

My Beloved,

Much of my work with you beloved ones is to help you to find your way to truth. The only way to find truth is through the spirit. In spirit there is spaciousness and an understanding that will always lead you. In the outer world this is always turmoil, drama, unhappiness and uncertainty. You are taught to think things through with the mortal mind, with the mind that is full of the very thing you wish to remove yourself from. You must learn to think with your inner mind. It is important for you to approach any problem with your inner self, through your spiritual intuition. The word holds a charge for many who do not trust that they actually have it. I can assure you that it was gifted to all. The word INTUITION actually guides you. The word means to do training inside yourself! You were taught to look outside for help but you must actually go inside for true guidance. The world of spirit that so many of you have conversations about and want to connect to is all within you.

As this energetic movement from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice begins remember that the equinoxes are times to cleanse and release and the solstices are times to celebrate and take in. I know you will find the Summer Solstice this year especially powerful and fun. Enjoy it! The angelic worlds love to see you celebrating, laughing and dancing. I do believe that Love is in the air this year for many of you. Deepen what you already have for yourself and you will enjoy the perfect mirrored reflection.

 You Are Loved

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