May Soul Gardening with Julie Grove

I have known and worked with Laura for over 20 years. She has been instrumental in my path of discovery. In truth, we have shared many lifetimes and have become dear friends in this one. She has helped me become comfortable with my gifts and brave enough to share my perspective. Over the years, we have shared many laughs and a few tears. I am honored to be part of her web site.

Since 1979, I’ve been the owner of a nursery and landscape company. My spiritual journey blossomed through my work in designing gardens. I have an affinity to discern the vibrational qualities of the plants, how they work together and how they affect us.

I live on a small ranch in a high mountain valley with my husband and trusted Bouvier. I have been told that the property has been a place of healing since ancient times and sits within a vortex. I write about what I see and feel from observing Mother Nature in my own back yard. The purpose of Soul Gardening is to give you, the readers, another tool to get through these changing and challenging times. I’m not a guru, I am a gardener.


Dear Ones,

May is the month that celebrates spring, in song, in Paris and especially in the garden. No longer am I searching for a hint of green on my morning walks. Instead, I am devouring the color throughout the valley. Spring green is bold and daring and full of energy. It jumps out from the landscape like a big bear hug from your favorite friend. The hues of the meadow differ from the green of the aspen leaves and the buds of the willows. Green, green, green, and I am hungry for all of it after a long white winter.

It seems that I am hungry for green in all aspects of my life. My hand gravitates to the apple green sweatshirt and I cannot plan a meal without including a green salad. Spring is the time that we can begin planting the greens of our garden. Lettuces and herbs find their way into my patio garden in pots nestled within the early pansies and violas. Container plantings allow me a head start on the garden. The pots add color to my patio and I can easily cover the tender plants when the temperatures drop into the frosty zone. If you live in a more temperate climate, and most everyone does, growing salad greens in a container is a good use of space in a small garden. Additions of color with pansies or nasturtiums are both edible in salads and an unusual journey in culinary color and taste. Include herbs in your early spring container gardens. Combinations of parsley, thyme, basil, sage, and cilantro add pleasing textures to your planter and taste to your palette. You can become a home gardener with only a few containers on your patio and the containers will quickly add bounty to your table.

Here in the mountains, the spring days are filled with daily surprises. Each day I notice another piece of the garden revealing itself… a daffodil, the leaf of a peony, the tip of a fern. I spotted wild trillium in bloom on the forest floor and yet only a few inches of columbine are willing to brave the still frosty mornings. The chives are leading the pack at a full 4 inches above the ground and the mushrooms are soon to push forth. The warmth of the sun is coaxing the plants back into view. It is spring here and time to celebrate the return of life to Mother Earth. It is time to put on your garden gloves and get a little dirt under your nails. It is time to breathe in that unique scent of springtime green, the grass, the dirt. It is time to grow…and you just might, for it is spring.

With love to all of you,



Plant Gender Element Emotional Signature
Viola Balanced** Balanced**** Balanced***
Trillium Female Air Compassion
Parsley Female Fire Compassion









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