May Musings

Dear Ones,

Last month I was in the Bay Area. It was so much fun to see my beloved clients and meet so many new clients. It had been three years since I made the trip. The Mother has directed me to visit the Bay Area and Los Angeles every few months. It’s amazing how I can not see someone for years and as soon as they walk in the room I know them and remember our last time together. My book signings were sold out and so special. We did some guided visualization and ritual, which was inspiring and brought us all together. It was an honor.

I have some really special trips coming up this fall. First of all, I will be in Stockholm for a workshop and private sessions. It is in the planning stage so I will announce dates and more information in next couple of months. September 24-30 I will be holding my first week long workshop in many years. It is a favorite of mine called “A Celebration of the Elements” because each day we will celebrate, connect, meditate and do ritual for each of the powerful elements. I can tell you from past workshops that when you call in the Earth, Air, Fire and Water in a sequence with great intention it is transforming. The workshop will be in Amorgos, Greece where I will hold an initiation of one of the elements. The group that joins together will call the element forth. I hope to hold advanced workshops as years progress in interesting places. Click HERE for more information on the Greece workshop.

In March I traveled to Brazil with one of my dearest clients and had time with John of God. He invited me to bring a small group, which I will do in November. I will be doing healing meditations and work with you while you experience his work. I will guide you through the process and be there with you to process. It would be an honor for me to journey with you. Click HERE to read more about the Healing Journey to John of God.

We are experiencing a birth/rebirth as we move into late spring and summer. It is a time to let go and find the flow of life around you. It is time to open up the sexual and creative chakras. Let me recommend this product for you ladies that feel your sexual energy is asleep: femMED LIBIDO.

Drink lots of lemon water to keep your body hydrated and alkaline as our weather gets warmer. Get close to nature whenever you can.

My Casa is open to Private Intensives on any number of subjects: Cleansing, Healing, Meditation, Transformation, Tarot and to help you move to higher levels of guidance. I also invite you to bring a small group to spend time with me and experience the big sky and natural hot springs of Montana. I am available to share my channeling from the Divine Mother, do fire ceremonies, work with Love or Money magic and celebrate nature with hikes and waterfalls.


It is magical here any time of year. Go on a vacation that changes your life and is also fun… a spiritual adventure! I do love to have fun.

To schedule a Private or Group Intensive or get more information, please email or call (323) 654-9010.

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