Listen To Your Heart

Listen to your heart nowThis may sound cliché and many of you hear it everyday 
but I cannot overstate its importance. Its deceptively simple
 and at the same time very challenging. The key is: the 
voice of your heart is your inner voice. The first step in 
creating a positive relationship with your inner voice is to nurture it and listen to your heart. It needs water and light just like a beautiful flower.

Like the sun is to the plant, so is the light of the universe 
to the voice of your heart.

When you are connected to the 
light, your dreams become a reality. Even more important,
 you’ll recognize others in your life that live by these 
fundamental truths. Those are people whose hearts are full, 
their lights burning bright.

 If you are asking yourself…how can I nurture my inner
 voice? Rest at ease courageous travelers. There is hope for 
us all. The only requirement is that you listen to your heart. That listening
 begins with exercising your spirit.

Like our physical bodies, 
our spirit needs to be in optimal health to connect with the 
light of the universe. 
In my book Life Magic, I go through many spiritual
 exercises that nurture and strengthen our inner voices.
 This energy, this light, this warmth that connects us all
 to ourselves is always present and is as accessible and as
 abundant as the sun. So fellow gardeners of the light, don’t 
fret, grab your shovel and water pale and walk into the
garden of life with feet bear and heart open.

Cultivate the 
light and let it shine, feel its warmth on your skin, close

 your eyes and listen.


One Response to “Listen To Your Heart”

  1. Irina says:

    Dear Ms. Bushnell,
    Thank you for this essential and beautiful reminder! I just started reading your wonderful book, and I feel so blessed to have found your work. Thank you so much for shining your light of love and wisdom.
    Many blessings,
    – Irina

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