Holiday Fire Ritual

laura-8-21-16I send you great blessings and abundant love this holiday season. It is my hope that you have found some peace with the election results and are staying connected to your higher selves, knowing that all is truly in divine right order. Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the illusion and see the underlying order.

When I was in Brazil last year visiting John of God, I heard during meditation to take some time off this year. It has been my practice since I was young to listen to and follow my inner messages, even though they sometimes can appear confusing and disruptive. As a result of the message I heard at John of God, I started planning a sabbatical to begin January of 2017, which I announced to all of you in my last correspondence. This past spring, I had a very hard fall when going to my mailbox in the snow and ice. I kept thinking my hip would recover. I went to chiropractors and had lots of massages (yum), but it got worse. With much resistance, I ultimately went to an orthopedic MD for x-rays and it turned out that I had torn my labrum. I am scheduled to have hip surgery on December 1 to repair it, so that appears to be my time off! I will decide in January whether or not to go forward with my sabbatical and will let you know as soon as I make my decision. However it all plays out, I know that it is all in perfect divine order.

During my recovery my plan is to sit with myself in deep compassion, doing a lot of meditation and writing. I intend to finish writing my second novel. I am immeasurably blessed to have dear friends who will be flying in to take turns taking care of me and my beloved animals as I recover… along with my angel Joy who will be here with me. Along with my other recovery plans, it is also my intention to create my next Celebration of the Elements retreat. It has to be a calling, so I am waiting for the download of where it will be held. The 2016 retreat was beyond wonderful. The group that gathered became so close and we really created magic!

One of the 2016 retreat participants, Eelco Buitenhuis (from Holland) recently passed. It has been a shock to our community and to me personally, as he was a dear friend. I know he will do beautiful work helping all of us during this transition on the other side, but it is so hard to let him go! I see him in my spirit eye smiling at me.

May the element of fire be strong for you during this holiday season. Candles, incense and fireplaces roaring with fire along with each of your strong hearts will warm the Earth with love.




The sun shines within you every day, it is inside of you… in your
Take a moment each day to keep it lit by intentionally closing your
       eyes and seeing the fire in your heart burning bright.
Feed your fire with your breath and also put some wood on it in your
       mind’s eye.
Your spirit fire opens up when you do this.
You will receive the blessings.
Be open and unafraid.
Life loves you.

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