HAPPY 2017!

Dear Ones,

This is the year for ACTION! 2017 is the year to stop standing on the sidelines and jump into the game. It will be a lot more exciting! Standing back in fear gets you nowhere… and what is fear but false evidence appearing real? Let me repeat that- fear is false evidence appearing real. Take a moment to feel that. I have always said, “Love is the gas pedal and fear is the brake.” If you are constantly breaking, it is really hard on the body. Your natural system is attuned to LOVE, so, it is time to move forward! Do what you love.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the last couple of months. My surgery was a bit more complicated than planned, but I am healing up nicely. I was blessed to have dear friends come and take care of me. Their unconditional generosity made my recovery so much more bearable. It also gave me an opportunity to receive, which does not always feel comfortable for any of us. Receiving is just as important as giving, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be on the receiving end of so much love. Now, I am practicing patience as I face the many weeks of physical therapy ahead.

Because I stopped working in 2016 so much earlier than I had planned, I am going to open up a few days in early February for phone or Skype sessions. We have a waiting list right now, so they will fill up quickly. Please give Joy a call (323-654-9010) or email joy@laurabushnell.com if you are interested.

What is next, my friends? Spend time listening to yourself. Make a list of what makes your heart sing and be sure and do at least one of those things. Give yourself the gift of loving kindness. Talk to the trees. Look at the sunrises and sunsets. Watch the sky for signs. Look at the shape of the clouds. Our world is getting so serious and is so full of uncertainty. The only way to navigate it peacefully is to find the beauty in life… even in the smallest things. Our minds are working overtime to figure it all out, but nothing is logical or predictable anymore. I have been giving my mind a rest and simply engaging my spiritual realms. It has given me great peace and insight. When you listen to your heart it opens the space for possibility, and you will discover (if you don’t already know) that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

This year, stand up and speak your truth. Let us all join together to bring light to the world, it is in great need right now. Find your community! Make a change – dive into life. Have courage!! Dream big!! Let go!!

It is -19° here in Bozeman as I write this… oh my goodness. Life is not for the weak of heart! I am blessed to be warm and cozy in my home. Remember: what you need is always there for you. We are so blessed – all of us. Stay warm and feel loved because you are.

Love and blessings,



Build a new altar for 2017. Place a cloth of your favorite color, a cup of water, a feather, a candle, incense, crystal and/or a coin. Add a picture of your loved one(s), a teacher, an angel or someone/something that has meaning to you. Be creative and have fun with your altar. Acknowledge your ancestors for all the gifts they have given you.Spend some time at your altar each day to connect with and listen to your heart.


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  1. Valencia says:

    Hi, Laura

    I trust this e-mail finds you well, just wanted to say thank you for changing my view on finding my purpose on this heavenly planet. I read your book Life magic whenever I need to be reminded that I am on the right journey for me. I discovered my gift, I am an empath and trying everyday to get stronger so I can also help others like you do. Thanks again for the inspiring book. God bless

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