gratitude is the key

Find a nice speed to grow and keep up the discipline it takes to make real changes. We are capable of great change. The only way we really achieve change is when we are really sick of the way things are. We do things until we are sick of them anGratitude d then we make decisions. We must bless our past. We must not judge our past because it is no longer real, it is only an echo of someone you were. Your past led you to your present and that is what it needed to do. Now that you are here, BE HERE. Send light to all aspects of you- send light to the hurts, send light to the sadness, send light to the anger, send light to the joy and see all of the light stirring together above and beyond your life. You will then create the future at a much higher vibration.


Do not focus on what you do not have, focus on what you do have. Focus on all the positive parts of your life. If you cannot find any, take a little trip to downtown Los Angeles or visit the bums in San Francisco or feed the homeless for a day. Go to the hospital cancer ward or burn center and you will see the blessings that you have right now. You will feel the gratitude within. Get down on your knees and kiss the ground you stand on.


Stop blaming others and make it a requirement to help anyone you are blaming. Do something good for your dad if you feel your dad caused you such a terrible life. If your dad is gone, pick any dad. Do something good for anyone!! You do not need to know them. We are all one. What you do for one, you do for all.


A client came to see me last month and told me that when he saw me a couple of years ago, something I said to him changed his life. What I told him was simple: Stop blaming your mom for your problems. In fact, do something really nice for your mom. This is not for her, but for you.  


Gratitude to Bless

There is often a stage in our lives that we cannot bear responsibility for being us. As we grow up and see that it takes a village to become who we are, and it takes a village to enlighten the world, we realize that it requires each one of us to show gratitude and say YES to the beautiful Now that we inhabit.


God bless you – everyone.

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