Follow Your Heart

The path may not make sense at times. People may not agree with your choices. You may feel lonely much of the time. You may not feel as if you “fit in” but one day a sense of peace will come over you when you least expect it. You will find yourself in a world that feels more like you. There is a path laid out for you. When you follow your heart so much synchronicity begins to happen. This is normal. This is a sign that you are on the right path. Sometimes you might have to be pushed out of your life so that you can grow into yourself. The world wants more from you. Friends may appear to leave but remember we are all always connected. They may be angels helping you through the next doorway of your future.  The path of the heart is very creative – it is spontaneous and unexpected than logical. It is much more fun. It may seem like it takes courage but once you are in motion and in the flow it seems so easy. Trust yourself – you are the only one that really knows your journey. Yes, get guidance if you feel confused but always, always, always listen to yourself.

Light a green candle when you awaken in the morning and ask to be lead by your heart throughout the day. God Bless you. Laura

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