Featured Jewelry Artist: Ellen Sassa with Sacred Bracelets

Ellen Sassa is a dear friend of mine who has created a unique line of sacred bracelets which are being offered for sale in our shop. I am so happy to have her as a featured artist on my site!


I’ve discovered an extraordinary secret, and I want to share it with you. Unlocking this secret inspired me to design the jewelry offered in Laura’s shop. These unique bracelets are a result and natural dovetailing of my creative and spiritual paths. I started thinking how incredible it would be to have something sacred at your fingertips, literally. Within each bracelet are three Hebrew letters that represent a particular name of God. I chose to use seed beads in the design because they seemed the perfect symbol to remind us how crucial the seed of intentions truly are. Besides being beautiful the bracelets are also tools you can use to focus your intention and enhance your spiritual practice.

My Story…..
From a pretty young age, I was asking some tough questions that no one around me seemed to be able to answer, like-Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? What is there beyond this place? It was unsettling; and I needed to get to the bottom of what “this” was all about. Yet it would be some time before I was ready to hear the answers. Then when I was 35, as the saying goes, this student was ready, and the teacher appeared. I was fortunate enough to find that teacher in Kabbalah, an ancient mystical tradition. And the learning began.

I am not Jewish. And I do not understand Hebrew. But the wisdom hidden in these sacred teachings spoke to me like nothing before. It was as if this curtain I’d been staring at for so long suddenly was pulled back, and for the first time I could see what was hidden behind it.

Along with my spiritual growth, I knew from the beginning I was the most comfortable around anything creative. For me it was something that brought a real sense of peace. I used to joke that my music and art saved me a bundle on therapy. And that worked for quite a while. But it was not enough.

I did not have a studio to paint in, so I had to find a way to express myself creatively, within a small space. Combining the creative and mystical felt right. So these bracelets made perfect sense. They are my way of sharing this richly profound tradition with you. My hope is that they become an inspiring companion along your own spiritual journey.

An Invitation…..
You can create openings in your life that allow you to shift in the direction your soul truly yearns. Just as it was time for me to find the answers I was looking for, so it is the time to unlock this gift. Ultimately, the message of these spiritual teachings is one of action—we are co-creators with God. Prepare to receive the secrets hidden within this rich tradition and to allow their power and potential into your own life. I wish for you all the happiness, love and light this life has to offer.


Ellen Sass Reading braceletEllen Sassa Happiness bracelet

To order one of Ellen’s bracelets, click on the link below:

Ellen Sassa Jewelry

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