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Dear Beloved Friends,

For the last ten years, I have been much more conscious about what and how I eat. It has been all about organic for me. I make my weekly trips to the farmer’s market because I feel better and notice the difference. Recently I discovered the next level of taking care of myself, which is protection from EMFs. EMFs are electro-magnetic fields. The term usually refers to manmade EMFs that are either generated by our electrical system in buildings and appliances or by wireless transmitters (the most common of which are cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, cell towers, and wireless routers. This latter type of EMFs is also referred to as microwave radiation or just radiation.

I honestly had no idea how much I was being affected by EMFs. In general, manmade EMFs in our environment keep us from being able to connect to the Earth’s electro-magnetic field, which is where our bodies naturally heal and regenerate themselves. Since EMFs are biologically meaningless to the body, when they hit the nervous system, the body interprets them as a threat. In response, the body then creates stress hormones, which slowly erode the immune system.

Researching the dangers of EMFs led me to a company that created products to protect us. For the last couple of months I have been using these products and feel so strongly about the benefits, that I have decided to link you directly to them. We all have cell phones, computers, electrical devices in our homes, and are exposed to any/all of these in our daily travels.

Protect yourself and protect your children.

The products that I want to share with you help ground us into the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. This is the field our bodies are designed to live in, where they can naturally heal and thrive. When we are immersed in this field, man-made EMFs do not affect us. As a clairvoyant for over 40 years, I can assure you that this is very important.

The proof is in the pudding. I am a very skeptical person so I need to see results.  How has it changed my life? First and foremost, energy level. Also, being very sensitive, I had a difficult fighting off colds or flus. This year I felt it coming on and I found I could fight it off!! Another problem I used to notice was that as I was holding or working on my cell phone my hands would tingle. When I put the EMF product on my phone – it instantly stopped the tingling. I was really surprised how powerful these little unassuming products are. There are many levels you can take this protection to and because of my first experience with the cell phone and computer protectors I have now surrounded myself in my home and in my car with them.

Joy has also been using all of the products with amazing results. She drives a Prius, and had been having a “spacey” feeling in her head that started every time she drove her car. She put the product in her car and the strange feeling is gone. She has also been using the home system and is sleeping for the first time in years without sleeping pills. So needless to say, we are both very enthusiastic about the results and want to share this information!

If you are unsure which products you should purchase, please call Joy at (310) 654-9010 and she can walk you through it. If you want my help in suggesting what would be the perfect products for you and your family and friends email me at laura@laurabushnell.com.

A good documentary to watch if you’d like to learn more about the dangers of EMFs is called “Resonance”….click HERE to view.











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