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New York City Visit

September 3 – 4 Private Sessions in New York City If you are interested in booking a session please contact or call (323) 654-9010.

Flowers for May Newsletter

May Musings

Dear Ones, Last month I was in the Bay Area. It was so much fun to see my beloved clients and meet so many new clients. It had been three years since I made the trip. The Mother has directed me to visit the Bay Area and Los Angeles every few months. It’s amazing how I can not see someone for years and as soon as they walk in the room I know them and remember our last time together. ...

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Message from the Divine Mother

My Beloved, Much of my work with you beloved ones is to help you to find your way to truth. The only way to find truth is through the spirit. In spirit there is spaciousness and an understanding that will always lead you. In the outer world this is always turmoil, drama, unhappiness and uncertainty. You are taught to think things through with the mortal mind, with the mind that is full of the very thing you wish to remove ...



Integrative Cleansing ~ Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual with The Divine Mother The first time I went to a cleanse I was scared! Now, after many years I see how that first cleanse was a huge transformation for me. My Karma Cleanse is a cleanse that purges off all of the karma you have been carrying around. Integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, it is an opportunity to release the burdens you are carrying and fully embrace the joy of life. This ...



EMF Protection: PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES Click HERE To Order EMF Protection Products Dear Friends, Back in July of 2013 I wrote a blog about EMF Protection Products (READ BLOG). In case you’d like to know a little more about EMFs and why we need to protect ourselves, I thought I would give you a little background:   EMFs are electromagnetic fields that emanate from any electrical or wireless device. There are basically two types of EMFs—low frequency ...

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Meet Molly Rose and join her on her transformational adventures…. The Gift is a contemporary novel about Molly Rose. Like many of us in this modern world, Molly is feeling stuck. She is 38 years old, unhappy in her job and not married. An act of serendipity or “kismet” happens to her when she is given a sacred object on Christmas Eve. This unusual gift puts Molly in touch with her heart’s desires and changes her life forever as she ...

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Infinity Greens

I love Billy’s products and can really feel the difference. They are so pure. Yummy!!!! CLICK HERE TO BROWSE PRODUCTS OR TO PLACE AN ORDER

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Stockholm Visit

Oct 3-8 Workshops & Pvt Sessions in Stockholm SWEDEN

John of God w:Rose

Healing Journey to John of God

YOU ARE INVITED….. To join me on a transformational journey to Abadiania, Brazil to meet John of God, the Brazilian healer who has touched millions of lives over the last 40+ years. The Casa de Dom Inacio is the healing center where John of God receives people from all over the world. Located in Abadiania, Brazil, the Casa recommends that visitors travel with a Casa Guide to maximize the experience. John of God himself bestows the distinction of “Casa Guide”, ...


Budapest Visit

October 10 – 12 Private Sessions in Budapest HUNGARY If you are interested in booking a session, please contact Joy at (323) 654-9010 or

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Message from the Divine Mother

It is time to enjoy all that you are. Celebrate all that you are. You are alive! It is in itself a miracle. You are breathing, and if you take your time you can actually feel your body receiving the breath and your heart moving energy through your body. This beautiful Earth is awaiting your arrival always in all ways. It is giving you what you need for life. When you are hungry it gives you food. When you are ...



Dear Ones, As the month of April began, I found myself reflecting on what friendship means to me. A friend is a ship that takes you across the vast sea of loneliness. A friend helps you hear the song in your heart when you are not able to hear it. It is a blessing to have one real friend in your life and an abundance of blessings when you have more. In life we lose friends and sometimes in death ...

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