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St Dom Inacio Healing Energy Mandala

Crystal Healing Bed

Introduction to the CRYSTAL HEALING BED The energetic system, like the circulatory system, flows through your entire body. It affects the function of organs, muscles and the physical systems they contain. Since energy also fuels organ function, the effects of balancing your energy can be profound. The John of God Crystal Healing Bed balances energy using seven polished Vogel quartz crystals, each cut to a specific frequency. The crystals are suspended approximately 12 inches above the recipient, who is lying ...

The Gift Cover Small


Meet Molly Rose and join her on her transformational adventures…. The Gift is a contemporary novel about Molly Rose. Like many of us in this modern world, Molly is feeling stuck. She is 38 years old, unhappy in her job and not married. An act of serendipity or “kismet” happens to her when she is given a sacred object on Christmas Eve. This unusual gift puts Molly in touch with her heart’s desires and changes her life forever as she ...

Divine Mother 3

Divine Mother

Message for 2015

San Francisco

San Francisco Visit April 2015




Integrative Cleansing ~ Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual with The Divine Mother The first time I went to a cleanse I was scared! Now, after many years I see how that first cleanse was a huge transformation for me. My Karma Cleanse is a cleanse that purges off all of the karma you have been carrying around. Integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, it is an opportunity to release the burdens you are carrying and fully embrace the joy of life. This ...

Divine Mother 3

The Divine Mother Is Speaking

Dear Ones, The energy is shifting very rapidly for all of us in its unique and wondrous way. I salute you for staying on your journey of awakening, as the stakes are indeed getting higher for all of us. To eliminate fear is increasingly important at this time. I would like to share with you something that is shifting my work a great deal. I have been preparing for this shift and now it is occurring. The beautiful energy of ...

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Infinity Greens

I love Billy’s products and can really feel the difference. They are so pure. Yummy!!!! CLICK HERE TO BROWSE PRODUCTS OR TO PLACE AN ORDER


Celebrate your independence!

July has arrived and most of you will be partaking in the Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration. I am going to a barbecue and fireworks. Just for fun: take a moment and examine how independent you feel. Are you still concerned about what other people think? What happens if you should follow your heart? Are you feeling that a change is coming but you do not know what or when? This is the time for you to declare your ...

Ocean Heart


Fill a bowl with water and place it before you. Sit in a comfortable position looking at the water. Put your finger in the water and taste it. Put your hand in the water. Feel its temperature and its softness. Take a handful and release it back into the bowl. As you listen to the calming sound of the water, remember that you are made of water.     Say the following prayer out loud: Dear element of water, Play ...

Joy Rowboat Glacier National Park

Be radical!

Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream.   Dear Ones, We were all taught to row our boats. Are you tired of rowing? Perhaps you forgot the gently part. We can get caught up in moving ahead and paddle too hard, missing much of life’s pleasures and beauty. What would happen if you were to gently let go of your paddles and flow down the river? Your mind might get fearful. Your ego may say something like, “You ...



Stockholm, Sweden October 2014- I will be doing two special workshops as well as seeing private clients. Details are below. I would love to see you there!     WORKSHOP: OPEN TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL! A life of Love. A life of Magic. A life of Miracles. When: Saturday, October 11, 2014 / 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Where: Urban OM Yoga Center, Wallingatan 20-22, Stockholm Price: 1100 SEK (lunch not included) Inspired by both the Course in Miracles and ...

Heron in flight

Soul Gardening with Julie Grove – May

I have known and worked with Laura for over 20 years. She has been instrumental in my path of discovery. My spiritual journey blossomed through my work in designing gardens. The purpose of Soul Gardening is to give you, the readers, another tool to get through these changing and challenging times. I’m not a guru, I am a gardener.     Dear Ones, My body has not been comfortable for the last few weeks and the blocks seemed to culminate ...

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