Be In The Now! Be Courageous!

If you want to be courageous, pray for situations that require courage.
If you want to be forgiving, pray for situations that cause you to forgive.
If you want to be expanded and light, pray for situations that are dark and closed down.
To be truly free, we must confront that which takes our freedom away,
For it is only us that truly determines how we experience life.



be in the now  








Our lives as we know them are changing. Can I say that any louder? I know this has been an incredibly difficult time for most of my friends and clients (as if there is a difference at this point!) I have moved through a lot of old energy this past couple of months and found new freedom within myself. A greater willingness to be in my body is emerging as I practice awareness of the now. It is not as if when you become aware or conscious that your life becomes easier. Be courageous, the challenges actually get bigger, but your responses get smaller. You stop feeding the energy that is not releasing, therefore releasing the energy that is not feeding you.

 be in the now

A lot of love and light are necessary on this journey. The more loving you are to your self the more it reflects in your life. You must be in the now to fully enjoy this life. You cannot be looking at the past – it is gone. You cannot live in the futurlive in the nowe because you have not created it yet. It is waiting for the space to emerge. Be courageous. Each time you send light to the present moment (even if your mind or your ego do not like this moment) the greater your real self becomes and thus your future. To shift energy, remember my adage: Love is the Gas Pedal and Fear is the Brake. Both are to be honored. If you drive too fast, you might go off a cliff and if you constantly ride your brakes, you will burn out your immune function. Let your heart lead your life, desire does all the work.

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