Church Of The Sacred Rose

Religion is a small fence around the beautiful and glorious idea.

                                                                                                                    – Laura Bushnell


The Church of the Sacred Rose brings people together to celebrate rituals from all the religions of the world to end separation and bring an experience of universal oneness. We celebrate the spirit of love. Each Celebration is created to enrich your life. They always include music, meditation and ritual.



Please check back in with us, no services are scheduled at this time.



Church of the Sacred Rose

PO Box 1829

Bozeman, MT  59771

All donations are to continue the service work of the Church of the Sacred Rose.


 “My husband and I truly enjoyed the Celebration and were very touched by the entire service. I was overwhelmed by the power from laying my hands of the Christ relics. Never before have I experienced such amazing power. Following that I was sitting there with tears for quite some time. The entire event was a very moving and special experience for me. Ken said the next day that he couldn’t remember sleeping so soundly and waking up feeling so completely rested. I have been using the Spikenard each evening when retiring and find that I am waking up much earlier than usual. Feels like I don’t need as much sleep as usual. I know I am dreaming but never remember the dreams after I awake. Thank you for a wonderful evening and experience.  Love and hugs, Charlene”




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