About Laura Bushnell


Laura BushnellLaura Bushnell is the author of Life Magic, and a renowned and gifted visionary. For over 35 years, Laura has worked around the world as a healer and transformational guide counseling a clientele which includes many top names in the entertainment industry, as well as  CEO’s, politicians, major corporations and philanthropic organizations.

With her extraordinary intuitive gifts, and through her study of alchemy and of mystic rituals within different religious traditions and indigenous groups, Laura has developed a program of healing, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment that can work for anyone.

The Church of the Sacred Rose

The Church of the Sacred Rose brings people together to celebrate rituals from all the religions of the world to end separation and bring an experience of universal oneness. We celebrate the spirit of love. Each Celebration is created to enrich your life. They always include music, meditation and ritual.

Laura Bushnell and The EarthHeart Foundation

Dede Koldyke and Laura Bushnell co-founded EarthHeart Foundation last year in hopes that on some distant Mother’s Day, the wishes of Julia Ward Howe could be fulfilled and the human race could celebrate a day when, all over the world, no mother would have to mourn the death of her child lost in war or terrorist attacks.

EarthHeart Foundation is a virtual and literal gathering of mothers — mothers who want to make a difference in the lives of their children, families and communities — mothers who are willing to get involved and take action — mothers who want and need a bit of inspiration to spur on their own ideas — mothers who are convicted in their hearts that they can be agents of change for good — mothers who are ready and willing to create a more peaceful world.

Find The EarthHeart Foundation on the web here.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Laura or just want to say hi, email her at laura@laurabushnell.com or visit the contact page.



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