It has been an exciting month and now I am home. This photo captured the sweet peace of being with my little dog Magi and resting in my own bed after a long journey. When I was with her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, I learned that the average age of homeless people in the United States is 9 years old. I now have this picture in my mind as I go to sleep of all those children being in nice soft beds being nurtured by their mothers and having full tummies. We are all so blessed and often we focus on our problems instead of our blessings. I bless these children who are giving their lives to us that we may wake up and change our world. The Dali Lama recently said that Western women are going to change the world. Whose children are these? They are all our children. They belong to every one of us.  Earth Heart Foundation is gathering the mothers to change the world.

Join us at http://www.earthheartfoundation.org.

I am dreaming of a world where there is no hunger, violence and pain. I am dreaming of a time when all beings thrive. I am dreaming of a world where all of us feel connected to the Divine Mother once again.

God Bless You.

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