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About Laura Bushnell

Laura Bushnell is a pioneer in personal growth and spirituality. Her work as a spiritual guide and channel of light has taken her all over the world. She has been featured in many top magazines. Over the course of her 40 year career, Laura has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, entertainers, professional athletes, Young President’s Organizations and non profits as well as thousands of private clients. She offers practical spiritual advice via phone, Skype and in person. She also offers ...

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Meet Molly Rose and join her on her transformational adventures…. The Gift is a contemporary novel about Molly Rose. Like many of us in this modern world, Molly is feeling stuck. She is 38 years old, unhappy in her job and not married. An act of serendipity or “kismet” happens to her when she is given a sacred object on Christmas Eve. This unusual gift puts Molly in touch with her heart’s desires and changes her life forever as she ...

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Divine Mother

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Integrative Cleansing ~ Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual with The Divine Mother The first time I went to a cleanse I was scared! Now, after many years I see how that first cleanse was a huge transformation for me. My Karma Cleanse is a cleanse that purges off all of the karma you have been carrying around. Integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, it is an opportunity to release the burdens you are carrying and fully embrace the joy of life. This ...



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